UbiMessenger uses technology developed by UbiTech to enable mobile/cellular devices to communicate directly with each other through the creation of a cooperative wireless network using voice, video and data while requiring no network infrastructure. UbiMessenger is a simple to use text and voice messaging application, which works anywhere. A smart device running UbiMessenger can communicate by voice or instant messaging directly with another device within Wi-Fi range without the need for any network infrastructure. UbiMessenger searches for, discovers and lists all devices in your close proximity, which are UbiMessenger enabled and which are in range allowing you to select and talk to or text message any other device. The application is based on the Wi-Fi Direct functionalities provided by Google. The aim of the application is to allow people to connect and share information based on peer-to-peer local communication. UbiMessenger offers the convenience and cost saving of using smart devices for both local on-site and global cellular communications.

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UbiMessenger is available free of charge to download from Google Playstore. UbiMessenger should be downloaded and installed on each user’s Android Smartphone within the group. Smartphones running UbiMessenger will be able to set up peer-to-peer short range text and voice communications without requiring access to Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

The application is based on the Wi-Fi-direct functionalities provided by Google. The aim of the application is to allow people to connect and share information based on peer-to-peer communication. The first developed application will provide two main functionalities, voice communication and instant messaging service between 2 users.

UbiMessenger activates discovery mode and searches for other devices running discovery in the application and within WiFi range - typically 20-30 metres. When found, other devices in range appear on UbiMessenger screen. Note the discovery process runs for 10 minutes maximum to conserve device battery. If no other devices are discovered within this time the discover process terminates and the application closes.

The app must be re-opened, and discovery must be restarted to re-initiate the discovery process. With successful discovery all users within range will be shown on the screens on all devices. On screen select the other device you wish to contact, and you will be prompted to select text or voice messaging.

Once downloaded, UbiMessenger does not require network or server access. It is suitable for close proximity communications for mobile social or work groups requiring communication services independent of network availability - for example: at a crowded sports venue, within group leisure activities or on a worksite. Use of the application is not access or time limited by any network and incurs no network costs or use of airtime. During UbiMessenger operation the use of all cellular and other device services are maintained and can be accessed by the user.

UbiShare is an easy way to access shared content with people near you. Automatically connects to nearby Ubishare servers and allows content, view it on that instance, or download it for accessing it later. Create a mini web site in your device and present with style. Share loads of files, like photos, documents, presentations and ringtones with your friends, fast and easily. Easily control which files to share and with whom.