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About Ubitech

Who we are and what we do

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How Ubitech Started

Ubitech Ltd was formed in 2012 by a group of engineers and software developers seeking to exploit the commercial potential of their academic research and development in wireless and online service solutions. Our staff are qualified, experienced software developers who have achieved recognition in their chosen fields. We work with clients to understand and define their requirements and work closely with the client or technology partner during the project. We aim to deliver a customised solution which meets client requirements but which also builds on our previous work in these areas to provide a cost effective, fast to market solution. For clients with their own development teams we provide technical consultancy services and can provide an advisory role throughout the client project.

Cutting Edge Wireless Communication Technology and Software Solutions


Our Healthcare Software

Our online services platform development provides a distribution platform for specialised services, notably in healthcare. Working with specialist game developers and healthcare professionals, our online platform UbiTheraPlay is providing therapeutic patient services for children with motor impairment. In addition to delivering the gaming services, the platform enables the patient’s healthcare professional to derive performance metrics and data to better understand the patient’s condition and the appropriate ongoing treatment.

The UbiTheraPlay suite provides tailor-made video games for the therapeutic support of children with motor impairment. The target markets are specialised schools and clinics supporting the therapeutic care of mobility impaired children of 5-18 years with motor impairment.


Our Communication Technologies

The first solution was UbiNet, a software platform to enable wireless communications among multiple heterogeneous smart wireless devices. UbiNet employs ad-hoc peer to peer networking technology, which enables devices to communicate without the need for a fixed wireless network or infrastructure. Our innovative technology provides self-organised wireless device communication protocols with the facility of cognition. The ubiquitous services are intelligent, autonomous and adaptive to ambient conditions in order to provide users with high quality communication. Ubitech’s technology was deployed in the EU RESCUE project aimed at providing seamless emergency communications amongst multiple radio technologies.

The evolving 5G technologies will deploy peer to peer networking to enable much larger volumes of data traffic than can be handled exclusively over fixed networks. This is already deployed in Internet of Things ( IoT) solutions and in emerging solutions such as driverless vehicles.

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Ubitech offers consultancy services in these areas, typically leading to bespoke customer solutions based on our technologies. Additionally we have participated in consortium projects bringing together technical expertise from multiple teams to achieve a multi-disciplinary approach to solution development. More detailed information on our team and our solutions can be obtained by contacting us.