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Wireless Communications

Experts in mobile app connectivity development and standardisation of wireless systems

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Working with the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) Informal Experts Group (IEG) to provide standardisation advice to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) WP5D on new technologies. The first report generated by the WWRF IEG can be downloaded here: EUHT EVALUATION REPORT

Ubitech is a member of the Wireless World Research Forum Informal Experts Group (WWRF IEG) to provide standardisation advice into the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The WWRF IEG and Ubitech present and support the advice on the ITU-R plenary meetings in Geneva, Switzerland. The work is ongoing and the second evaluation report will be released by the end of October, 2021 (Second report on EUHT Evaluation).



Our UbiNet technology is a software platform that can enable communications among heterogeneous smart devices on an anywhere, anytime, anything basis. The platform allows for communication amongst users without the need for a network provider or access point, allowing for vehicle to vehicle, military, and emergency applications.

The technology is a bespoke ubiquitous network system, consisting of IP-based smart devices and is independent of any communication infrastructure. Ubitech Ltd has defined this network system, in order to support reliability and interoperability among current wireless technologies as well as future investments in similar smart IP-based devices. The UbiNet technology was originally funded by Innovate UK (TSB) and by the European FP7 programme under the name of ICT RESCUE

RESCUE’s vision was the research and development of a theoretical, technological, and practical basis for a novel communications technology that will efficiently utilise the characteristics of future wireless networks, which are expected to be dense in terms of node and link populations, and heterogeneous in terms of their built-in capabilities. RESCUE’s Links-on-the-fly technology proposed a novel concept for robust, efficient, and smart information transmission in unpredictable environments which are characterised by substantial and sudden changes of the network’s structure.



UbiMessenger is a simple to use text and voice messaging application that works anywhere. A smart device running UbiMessenger can communicate by voice or instant messaging directly with another device within Wi-Fi range without the need for any network infrastructure. UbiMessenger searches for, discovers and lists all devices in your close proximity, which are UbiMessenger enabled and which are in range allowing you to select and talk to or text message any other device. The application allows people to connect and share information based on peer-to-peer local communication and is based on the Wi-Fi Direct functionalities provided by Google.

Once downloaded, UbiMessenger does not require network or server access. During UbiMessenger operation, the use of all cellular and other device services are maintained and can be accessed by the user.

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Ubitech offers consultancy services in these areas, typically leading to bespoke customer solutions based on our technologies. Additionally we have participated in consortium projects bringing together technical expertise from multiple teams to achieve a multi-disciplinary approach to solution development. More detailed information on our team and our solutions can be obtained by contacting us.